I saw you with someone else,
How long has it been—was it three or four?
I cannot recall.

It ended with too many questions,
With so little answers —

I am so sorry.
But some things are better off not knowing.

I sometimes wonder what could have been,
But I know,
That where we are today is where we wanna be,
And we wouldn’t want it any other way.


Long Have I Accepted

Long have I accepted that the tears that I’ve shed are never going to bring you back.
Long have I accepted that you left me for another because it’s easier that way.
Long have I accepted that even if I try to move the heavens and the earth, you still wouldn’t stay.
Long have I accepted that you are happy with someone else.
Long have I accepted it and moved on.

With every inch of sanity that she has left, she pushed and shove the thought of you away. Knowing that you aren’t thinking of her, the way she does or the fact that maybe she doesn’t even cross your mind. Have you ever wondered if she was okay?

No, she has to stop this charade.

She has to choose herself. Like what she keeps telling herself at night, hoping that everytime she’ll say it, she’ll actually get there.