I saw you with someone else,
How long has it been—was it three or four?
I cannot recall.

It ended with too many questions,
With so little answers —

I am so sorry.
But some things are better off not knowing.

I sometimes wonder what could have been,
But I know,
That where we are today is where we wanna be,
And we wouldn’t want it any other way.


To The Person Who I Didn’t Ask To Stay,

The time that we had was a fleeting moment, a time we borrowed with the Gods to let us have this chance, a short-lived fairytale not to have a happy ending.

The time we shared was our little infinite. You made me feel things in a short span of time. As cliche as it sounds, you made me feel the queen of the world—that no one else matters; that I was a piece of gem too rare and too precious to have.

But then things changed. We have fights—fights we didn’t use to have. Petty fights that turned into big arguements. And then that was it, you had enough of me.

You love me, but you left. And I choked on all the words I wanted to say. And maybe that’s why I didn’t ask you to stay for one more time.

After all, how could I? When I was only making you miserable? When you think that I care about the difference in our social classes? Maybe it was a matter of pride for you, but I couldn’t care less. I tried saving you, I really did. I gave you everything but I wasn’t enough. I can’t save you and maybe that’s why I let you walk away.

I’m sorry, I didn’t ask you to stay. I’m sorry. Maybe you wanted to hear that I’ll fight for you and I’ll never let you go. And I did, a couple of times, I begged you to stay. But I’m tired of fighting for us. What’s the point if I’m the only one who still want the idea of us? It was just not me in this relationship but the both of us. It was you who gave up on us. As hard as it sounds, this is why I let you walk away. And this is when I say goodbye.