It was an arrow to the heart,
A bullet to the brain,
Seeing you with her,
There’s no greater pain.

One of those days when it rains and the weather has decided for you to feel everything all at once.


Call Of Help

I’m lost—so lost. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Who knew that I’d find myself, once again, in this very dark hole, with nothing but a girl who’s reflection is staring back at me.

She looks so familiar, but different altogether. She’s a little rough on the edges but she tries to take care of herself. She likes dark clothing as I have noticed. But the thing about her is that, her eyes. You can see that she’s been through a lot and is trying to keep it altogether. But life. Life pushes you around. She’s so tired of everything already, pretending to be strong when all she ever wanted to do was break down.

So please, I beg you. Save her. Save me.

In response to: Help

With every inch of sanity that she has left, she pushed and shove the thought of you away. Knowing that you aren’t thinking of her, the way she does or the fact that maybe she doesn’t even cross your mind. Have you ever wondered if she was okay?

No, she has to stop this charade.

She has to choose herself. Like what she keeps telling herself at night, hoping that everytime she’ll say it, she’ll actually get there.