My Obsession

I am obsessed in being whole for I am nothing more than shards of broken pieces, trying to fit together, trying to make sense, trying to put back what was broken.

But I guess, I can’t be whole again. Not when I’m thinking like this. Not with this heavy feeling in my chest that bothers me. Not when I’m letting my sadness define me.

Yes, I am sad, perhaps even clinically depressed. I find socializing a little bit tiring and draining. I am stressed with academics and there isn’t someone that I can talk to. I try to act that everything’s fine but I’m really not. I was so close to breaking down the other day. This is why I need to learn to love myself and for that I am obsessed in feeling whole, in loving myself, and finding happiness.

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Hello world!

I’m Azarella. I live in a world full of infinite possibilities.(e.g. what ifs, maybes, disappointments) I started this new blog because I’ve been wanting an outlet where I can express my feelings without people in my school knowing. (I started a blog like this a year ago, but someone from school found it) I am making a new identity, to start a new. To be in the internet, without revealing who I really am. I hope you’ll stick with me ’til the end.