This Is What Darkness Promised

I used to walk into the light where everything was pure and as white as snow; where everything was clean and good. I used to know the brightness like it was a part of me. It almost felt like I can’t exist without it. It seemed surreal. But with everything that lightness has given me, I can never call it home.

One day, I was walking in a place unknown where I met darkness. Darkness promised me that I will never be alone for he will always be by my side. Darkness promised me a home where I belong. Darkness promised me the cold dark truth than to feed me with stupid lies. Darkness promised that forever he’ll stay and I decided to hold on to that promise — a promise of reality.

In response to: Darkness

-This Is What Darkness Promised




As the water embraces me,
I can’t help but think,
Will it stop?
The pain and being hurt,
Will it stop?
The feeling of helplessness,
Will it stop?
The feeling of rejection,
Will it ever stop?

“Yes” it answered.
As it pulls me deeper and deeper into the abyss.