I woke up falling. Not falling from my bed but off a cliff. I’m screaming but I can’t seem to hear my own voice.  I can see the rocks where I might hit and head and die from the sudden impact.

No. I don’t want to die—at least not yet.

I don’t want to live an unlived life. There are still a lot of things to see; many things to learn; many people to meet.

Now, I’m closer to the rocks. Perhaps, a few more seconds.

And everything turned red—red from my own blood. Continue reading


Cliff Jump

And I asked you, “What are you willing to do for me?”,
You said, you’ll do anything,
So we walked together to the cliff,
With our hands entwined—and jumped.

I can feel the air,
As I was already falling,
And you were still at the cliff too afraid to jump—too afraid to try,
You didn’t push me but you just watched me,
—As you just let me die.