My demons during the day,
—the ones who accompany me all night,
Are the ones who stayed.


Alone Pt. I

Please, please, please,
I beg you to listen when I tell you I’m fine,
That behind all those words,
At the end of the day,
I’ll still cry with no one to turn to.

I’ve never felt so alone,
Although I should have known,
That i’ll end up alone,
Here’s to the unknown.

Eternal Sadness

There was nothing more profound than the sadness that she felt. It was as vast as the sky, as deep as the sea and as dark as the universe.

How can she walk around pretending she’s fine, trying not to let anyone see that all she want to do was breakdown. She tries.

She tries because they expected her to be strong. They expected her to be more than what she really is. They expected and she complied.

But at the end of the day, there was no one by her side to tell her that it’s okay to feel a sad, that it’s okay to cry. Because all she has is her self.

In response to: Profound