A a few seconds to decide,
What to say,
What to do,
How am I supposed to act around you?

Would it change anything?
Thinking on how I might approach you,
To poke or to talk?
To walk slowly, or fast?

Coming closer,
Just a few more,
A poke at your back,
“Hi” is all I mutter.


Scattered Thoughts

Fighting off the sleepiness,
I can’t help but dozing off,
Things to do and things that must be done,
When, oh when?

The darkness started shrouding everything,
Lightness turned to grey,
Swallowing me from within, to stop or to go.
Which way to go

The things that we can and we can’t have,
Still that question lingers,
Forever in my mind,
Oh when will I decide?

Thinking has always been a part of the routine,
They get darker and darker each night,
Someone please save me,
—save me from this misery.

Flying & Falling

Too scared to know,
Too scared to find out,
But I just went with the flow,
But I still doubt.

Took up the courage to try,
And do an amazing thing,
That was when I decided to fly,
And accept on what life has to bring.

I’ve stumbled and fall,
Full of bruises and scars,
To never give up was my call,
And reach for the stars.


“Would ‘sorry’ have made any difference? Does it ever? It’s just a word. One word against a thousand actions.”
Sarah Ockler, Bittersweet

What would it do? It cannot fix what’s been damaged and destroyed. It cannot undo the action that has already been done. It cannot take back the words that you’ve said to me. But that’s all you have to offer. The words ” I’m sorry.” And it’s better than the alternative—losing you. I cannot risk losing you—again. So no matter how many times we will fight, I’ll never get tired of hearing and saying the words “I’m sorry.” as we keep promising that we’ll be better for each other. So just stay with me ’til the end, okay?