A part of me will always know that i’m just this big ball of sadness. That at the end of the day, I’m the one who needs to comfort my own being—my own existence. Is it really that hard to be there for me when I needed you the most? Does it take too much of your time just to ask me if i’m okay or if i need anything? When will people be there for me when I’m there for them? I’m not complaining but…. sometimes…. I wish that when people see me smile, I hope the know that all I want was to scream and cry my heart out.

Can we just stop pretending for a second?

It’s okay to cry, it doesn’t mean you’re weak.
It’s okay to bring down your walls, not everyone’s gonna hurt you.
It’s okay to stop the “I don’t care in the world” act, it doesn’t mean you’re vulnerable, it means you’re human.
It’s okay to give yourself a break, you deserve it, after a long time of being stressed.
It’s okay to tell him you love him, it’s better than leaving it unsaid.

In response to :Pretend

Maybe I’m not supposed to feel butterflies. Maybe it’s supposed to make me feel something else. Maybe I’m supposed to feel safe. Maybe I’m supposed to feel loved like the way I’ve loved others. But how could I feel it, when my heart’s gone cold?

Long Have I Accepted

Long have I accepted that the tears that I’ve shed are never going to bring you back.
Long have I accepted that you left me for another because it’s easier that way.
Long have I accepted that even if I try to move the heavens and the earth, you still wouldn’t stay.
Long have I accepted that you are happy with someone else.
Long have I accepted it and moved on.

Call Of Help

I’m lost—so lost. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Who knew that I’d find myself, once again, in this very dark hole, with nothing but a girl who’s reflection is staring back at me.

She looks so familiar, but different altogether. She’s a little rough on the edges but she tries to take care of herself. She likes dark clothing as I have noticed. But the thing about her is that, her eyes. You can see that she’s been through a lot and is trying to keep it altogether. But life. Life pushes you around. She’s so tired of everything already, pretending to be strong when all she ever wanted to do was break down.

So please, I beg you. Save her. Save me.

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