Photo Challenge: Wall

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall.”


This is one of those painted walls in our city. A painted wall which turned out pretty good. It is one of the few things that struck me as I was walking.  It looks like a girl who is in distress. A girl who is  like me. A girl who is full of mishaps and misfortunes. A girl who is filled with anger and loneliness. But still trying to have a brave front and not let others see how weak, vulnerable and fragile I really am.


Stresses of a College Student

A few weeks after graduating high school, I started to think what it would be like to be a college student. At that time, the idea of being a college student was too good to be true. The thought of being free and starting a new chapter in my life, made me excited. I can go to the mall whenever I want, hang out with my friends, go home late and so much more. My dream of being a CPA Lawyer was already at the palm of my hands, but then reality struck me. In college, I will have more responsibilities and be pressured more than ever. The responsibility of being an adult and being aware of the choices that I make is just too great for me to bear. The pressure of maintaining my grades because, everyone, especially my family is expecting a lot from me. I have to pass all my subjects, take up five years of accountancy, and pass the board exam and another four years for law. Moreover, a few months after that, I started my college life. The first few weeks were a blast. I was able to make new friends and adjust to the new environment. However, as the semester was ending, I started to realize the stress that was building up inside me. That maybe being a college student was not so good after all. That maybe college was something more than it looks. That maybe being a college student sounds like a big thing, but there are the never-ending assignments, mandatory school activities and dreadful examinations.

First, the assignments that the teachers were giving us were just too many. Everyday they just give assignments to us students like there is no tomorrow. What’s worst was that they give assignments to do during the weekend. An example is that when we have to make an argumentative essay for Filipino and the edited part already needs to be passed this Monday. We also have this report for Theology that you can also count as an assignment since it is a school related matter that needs to be done. Like when do we get a break? Everyday was just a cycle of going to school, going home and make assignments. Where did our free time go? It was not like in high school. Teachers don’t give us assignments to make during the weekend. We would still probably have our free time. We could read all the novels and would probably have more time to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I know assignments are for the good of the students but too much of something is never good. And that something is what we call assignments.

Second, the mandatory school activities that everyone hates because of how boring it is. Don’t you just hate going to an event that you really don’t want to attend. During the first semester, we the accountancy students had an orientation night. We were obliged to attend the said event. It talked about the course curriculum, like what minimum grade should we get and the introduction of the School of Business and Governance (SBG) faculty. The program itself was good. The opening production of the Jaguars and the emcees were great. However, in the middle of the program, I just lost interest. It’s the part where they just kept on talking and talking and talking. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who finds all the talking boring. I know that it was essential for us to know the basic guidelines of the course, but who wants to listen to someone who keeps on talking for hours? Furthermore, during college days, the class president also checked the attendance. You need to be at school and attend the activities that they prepared. There were debates and research congress that you have to attend to, although it was none of your interests. If only they could find a way to make the events more fun and exciting.

Last but not the least, are the examinations that everyone hopes do to well. It’s the time when most students pull an all-nighter just to study for exams. However, there were also students who study weeks before the examination. I, as a student was part of the latter. Every time I get home, I rest for a bit. A few minutes after, I get a book and start studying. This is what I do two weeks before the examination. Just imagine all the time that I spent on studying and reviewing all for nothing when I look at the test paper and realize that not all the things that I studied appeared on the examination. I feel cheated. I feel like all the effort that I put into studying was wasted. In return, of all the studying that I made, I just got a small grade. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? But there are also instances that because of the pressure to do well, we are more likely to fail. We are so anxious of the getting high grades that when we started to read the test paper our minds just went blank. Moreover, the result of the examination will highly define who we are and what we can do. Because, nowadays, that is just how society works. When you got a high grade, you belong to those “smart kids” but when you got a low grade, you belong to the group “dumb kids”.

Once the semester was over, I realized that stress is something that I have to get used to. That stress is normal for us college students. This stress can either motivate us to do better or make us feel too overwhelmed to that point that we can’t concentrate on doing something. We need to learn how to cope up with stress to gain control of our life and not just be let down. As the saying goes, “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

This was an essay I submitted in my English 13 class. So what do you think? 🙂